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83 Blackfriars Road,
London, SE1 8HA

Company registered in England.
Registered Number 44468273

Tel: 020 3141 5800

St Paul's School, Hammersmith

Client: The Mercers Company

Architect: Barnsley Hewett & Mallinson

Structural Engineer: Harris and Southerland

Photography: © Barnsley Hewett & Mallinson

Project description

Mecserve was appointed to provide a fully coordinated design for the M&E services to the apartments and common parts in all buildings.

The music school features a 320-seat recital hall with practice rooms, classrooms, individual teaching rooms for specialist instruments, library and offices.

The foyer was designed to double as both a rehearsal space and area for small performances whilst the recital hall could also be used as a recording studio.

The recital hall was designed for a noise background level of NR20 and many other rooms were designed for NR30.

The recital hall was air-conditioned by a displacement ventilation system and the foyer was mechanically ventilated. Heat recovery was incorporated where economically viable and classrooms incorporated passive ventilation.


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