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83 Blackfriars Road,
London, SE1 8HA

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Registered Number 44468273

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Diorama Arts Studios, Regent Park

Client: The Crown Estate

Architect: HUB Architects

Project description

The property comprises 17, 18 and 19 Park Square East and the attached building to the rear onto Peto Place. It is a Grade I listed building.

The Diorama was constructed in 1823 by A. C. Pugin and James Morgan to accommodate a new form of optical show which had been invented by Louis Daguerre, later to become one of the inventors of photography.

The project was the renovation of the two houses at 17 and 19 Park Square East. The existing building comprised lower ground to second floor. A 3rd floor penthouse apartment was situated on top of the existing building with the existing building converted to 4 apartments. Approximate total net area was 33,000 ft².

Underground parking and plant was located below ground in Peto Place. The building was comfort cooled via air cooled heat pumps and heated by an under-floor heating system. Rainwater harvesting; solar hot water and PV panels were also included.


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