Registered Address

83 Blackfriars Road,
London, SE1 8HA

Company registered in England.
Registered Number 44468273

Tel: 020 3141 5800

Davis House, Victoria

Client: Terrace Hill Group

Architect: Tate & Hindle

M&E Contractor: Longcross/Rybka

Structural Engineer: Price and Myers

Main Contractor: Kier London

Project description

A commercial development consisting of office accommodation (over nine floors) with retail outlets and forty-three residential apartments at ground floor totalling 134,500 ft².

Due to the overall height of the development, full ‘Section 20’ design requirements were needed, including sprinklers, smoke ventilation and firefighting cores.

The design of the services to the commercial demise, which included a ground source heating/cooling installation using central heat pumps, had four pipe fan coils, sprinklers, modular lighting control and fire/smoke control.

Independent central gas fired boilers and domestic hot water calorifiers were used to serve the residential apartments, complete with energy meters to enable accurate measurement and billing by the managing agents. Main plant was located at basement and roof level, with pulsed ventilation to the basement car park and full firefighting facilities.

Open borehole water abstraction/discharge to serve the heat pumps was incorporated to reduce the total carbon foot print of the building and help achieve the GLA’s 10% renewable energy target.


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